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Review - We Will Rise by Tim Waggoner

Book Synopsis:

In Echo Hill, Ohio, the dead begin to reappear, manifesting in various forms, from classic ghosts and poltergeists, to physical undead and bizarre apparitions for which there is no name. These malign spirits attack the living, tormenting and ultimately killing them in order to add more recruits to their spectral ranks.

A group of survivors come together after the initial attack, all plagued by different ghostly apparitions of their own. Can they make it out of Echo Hill alive? And if so, will they still be sane? Or will they die and join the ranks of the vengeful dead?


I found myself in a bit of a strange spot with this book that is making for a rather odd review. The story was great, the writing was excellent, yet I found myself having a hard time getting fully into it. The problem was that I started reading this one while still reading Forest of Shadows. Both books are essentially about vengeful ghosts intent on wreaking havoc, so they both started to blend together a bit.

What I can say is that this was the first Tim Waggoner book I have read, but it will certainly not be the last. There were some absolutely fantastic, imaginative scenes and kills in this one, and it's clear why he is so well admired in the horror genre.

Had I not read this one at the same time as the Hunter Shea book, it would probably be a 5. I don't think a 4 is totally fair, so I am going to split the difference.

4.5 out of 5

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